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This website is dedicated to free software primarily in the area of graphics engines but also free software in general such as coreboot tutorials.

Harmonic Flow Framework is a cross platform 2D / 3D game engine framework written in C++ which supports Windows and GNU/Linux platforms and licensed under zlib. Harmonic Flow Framework is no longer maintained.

Harmonic Flow Graphics Engine (HFGE) is a new cross platform 3D engine currently in development. The idea is a more well designed 3D engine written in modern C++ and using modern renderers. It will initially use Vulkan as renderer, support Windows and GNU/Linux and will be licensed under zlib. More information, downloads and git repo will be available once it's ready for public release.

Contact info email/xmpp: andreas at harmonicflow dot o r g

GnuPG public key can be downloaded here


gpg --recv-keys 0x14121B58362B5F22