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Patricia's Quest for Sun

Patricia's Quest for Sun

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Patricia's Quest for Sun Game Info:

Join Patricia on a mesmerizing journey through a strange yet majestic world in Patricia's Quest for Sun, a soothing story driven puzzle adventure experience.

Patricia's Quest for Sun features at a glance:
  • Immerse yourself in this wonderful story-driven Puzzle adventure.
  • Suspend disbelief on a search to find the Sun hiding on a foreign planet.
  • Piece together wonderful scenes using Patricia's Sense Maker.
  • Enjoy beautiful hand-drawn artwork and soothing music.
  • Create custom puzzles and unlock bonus content.

Patricia's Quest for Sun Detailed description:

Patricia is a custodian of Home world, vowing to maintain harmony and balance. When the Sun goes missing, she is entrusted to go searching for it. But Sun's can be playful little things and are known for shape-shifting, illuminating other planets, or just exploring new parts of the universe from time to time. Can she find and return it to its rightful place among the stars?

Suspend your disbelief and immerse yourself in this wonderful story-driven puzzle adventure to find the Sun. Follow Patricia's path on a foreign planet as she searches for the whereabouts, meets enigmatic characters, and discovers herself. Enjoy beautiful hand-drawn artwork and soothing music as you relaxingly piece together wonderful scenes, create custom puzzles, and unlock special surprises. It's a journey unlike any other.

Patricia's Quest for Sun was originally developed as a commercial game for casual game portals back in 2011 and was liberated and turned into free software 2013.

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Patricia's Quest for Sun Screenshots (click to enlarge):

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