Harmonic Flow Framework (libhffwk)
Cross platform C++ 2D Game Engine Framework
platform Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for platform:


file  BatchInfo.h [code]
 Interface useful when drawing batches.
file  Camera.h [code]
 Interface useful for controlling the Camera.
file  Color.h [code]
 Interface for RGBA Color.
file  Environment.h [code]
 Singleton interface for platform specific things.
file  FileDirUtils.h [code]
 Interface useful for generic directory and file operations.
file  Game.h [code]
 Interface used by the framework to drive the main loop.
file  Geometry.h [code]
 Interface useful when rendering custom Geometry.
file  Graphics.h [code]
 Interface for all rendering related things.
file  Image.h [code]
 Interface for Resource type Image.
file  ImageHelper.h [code]
 Interface for Image loading / writing related helper methods.
file  PakInterface.h [code]
 Interface for accessing pak files created with tool hfpak.
file  RenderHelper.h [code]
 Interface which act as a convenient rendering helper.
file  ResourceLoader.h [code]
 Interface for Image and Sound loading (called from ResourceManager).
file  Shader.h [code]
 Interface for Resource type Shader.
file  Sound.h [code]
 Interface for Resource type Sound.
file  SoundPlayer.h [code]
 Interface for playing Sound's and Music streams.
file  SoundPlayerListener.h [code]
 Interface for SoundPlayerListener callback methods.
file  ThreadListener.h [code]
 Interface for ThreadListener callback methods.
file  Transform.h [code]
 Interface for Matrix transformations.
file  WebManager.h [code]
 Interface for Web related things.