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Harmonic Flow Framework v0-5-0

What's new in version 0.5.0:

  • Documented all public classes, methods, enums, structs, typedefs etc that a Game will interact with. Documentation is done according to Doxygen standards. Documentation can be generated by running 'doxygen Doxyfile' in the 'docs/' folder. Documentation release packages can be generated by running './linux-gen-docs-release --version=X.X.X' in 'build_scripts' folder.
  • Converted all source files from dos to unix utf8.
  • Moved PakInterface stuff into HFCore namespace.
  • Moved HFPak stuff into HFTools namespace.
  • Moved base64 stuff into class with static methods.
  • Moved Crypto stuff into class with static methods.
  • Crypto: Added sha1/sha224/sha256/sha384/sha512 checksum support.
  • Fixed memory leak in SDLHelper.
  • HFDataTypes: HF_RENDERER_DIRECT3D is defined on Windows D3D.
  • SoundPlayer: Added new enums, audio defines and also tweaked API.
  • Moved HFFileHandle to HFDataTypes.h and changed name.
  • Yearly copyright update.
  • Updated README.SDL with doxygen packages needed.
  • Added script for generating doxygen docs release. See 'linux-gen-docs-release.sh' in 'build_scripts' folder.

API changes:

Renamed / moved enums, structs, typedefs, class methods and so on to keep it within HFCore namespace or within class space. This means old code could break here and there. It shouldn't be any major changes needed though.

Namespace thoughts:

HFCore is the namespace where all engine core functionality will reside.

HFModule is where all optional modules will reside. Currently the only module is 'tmxparser'. Optional stuff outside of engine core will be placed here. Modules will not be compiled by default and needs to be enabled. 'tmxparser' is enabled by setting pre-processor flag 'HF_MODULE_TMXPARSER' and compiling the sources within 'modules/tmxparser' folder. Build scripts supplied supports this automatically by just adding '--enable-module-tmxparser' for example ('./configure --help' when using autotools directly for available options).

HFTools is the namespace where all engine tools such as 'hfpak' reside.

Download the latest version here. Submit any bugs or thoughts here.

Posted on Mon, 8 Feb 2016
Tags: harmonic-flow-framework, harmonic-flow-news, libhffwk

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